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...Electrons MOVE?

Who's to say they aren't happy where they are?

8/5/06 02:01 am

This week has been terribly hectic; my wife Molly, of course, has made her introduction, but I simply haven't had much time to sit down and write out anything that wasn't for work. I'm not sure who to expect on this sort of thing -- it's very exciting, I've never tried these journal things before, they used to be so expensive -- so I suppose I should admit to being Arthur Weasley, of the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office. I don't think a lot of people know about the Office -- there are only two of us in it, so that's perfectly understandable -- but we're in charge of finding and fixing the problems that occur when people enchant Muggle things to do the sort of thing Muggle things don't normally do.

I actually had a look at the diagrams for these journals -- somebody in Ludicrous Patents seemed to realize, for once, that Muggles ought to be protected from unexpected shocks to the system, the way they think is so fascinating -- and after adding a few little features, Perkins and I approved them. They're also rather less dangerous than some things, because you might sell your carpet off or lose a pocketwatch, but people don't leave their journals about. I'll admit I wanted to try them out, too. So here we are, and they seem to be working quite well!

Anyway, there was a bit of a hassle at the Muggle air-port last night. It was very confusing, because the pleasemen (Muggle Aurors) were demanding all sorts of identification, and there were these odd sort of empty doorways they kept asking us to pass through. I was very excited, because I thought this must be some new sort of Muggle thing -- like Floo, maybe -- but all that happened is that they started beeping and the air-port pleasemen asked for all of my money. I suppose you have to pay extra to use the doorway things instead of the air-plains. Anyway, we managed to catch the man before he left the country -- he's been enchanting Muggle pull-toys for children to pull back, which sounds harmless until you realize there are two children in hospital with broken arms -- and though I'm glad we found him, I should very much like to examine those moving staircases -- escapators, I think they were called? Each stair moves into the next as they move up -- I've no idea how they do it, but it's amazing that they can.
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